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  • We Provide Solutions to Building Problems.
    • Better Solutions
      & Faster Service
      Our highly responsive lead times mean that we can provide you with the type of fast turn-arounds that you need to be successful.
    • Quality You
      Can Count On.
      Metroll Fontana manufacturers only the highest quality products from the best quality materials.
    • We Put the
      Customer First
      From start to finish, we aim to provide customized solutions with your needs in mind.

  • Metroll Fontana is part of a global network of 40 manufacturing plants worldwide. This allows us to offer customers high quality products at the most competitive price all without comprising our focus on one-on-one customer service.

  • From start to finish, we look for ways to come up with better building solutions for you. Whether its searching for ways to minimize your costs or improve your design, we aim to become a valuable member of your team.

Metal Building Components

Metroll is a manufacturer and supplier of quality metal building products, as well as complete metal building kits. With extensive years of experience in the metal building industry, Metroll takes pride in offering the highest quality products along with the best customer service.

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We understand that the best kind of supplier is one who treats customers like partners. That's why we consider good advice and service to be just as an important part of our business as the quality of the products we produce. Call Metroll today to discuss your metal building needs!

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